Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The quota has finally been filled. Enough people have asked, so now I can finally say that yes, we are moving back to America. We gave it a good effort this time; by the time we move back we'll have been here just over a year. And what a freaking horrible year it's been. Don't care to elaborate, but ya, it's been pretty crap.

So America here we come... again. And not just America, but surprise of all surprises, we're moving back to Arizona! Never thought that would happen again. I loved Texas, and am heartbroken that we're not moving back there. But we're all excited to see our Arizona friends and family that we've missed.

I'll be writing more as things move along, but I'm just putting this info out there so you can all leave me alone for crying out loud. Ha ha, I'm totally kidding. I crack myself up sometimes. That sometimes is usually late at night when I'm a bit delusional, but hey-- it still works for me.

Christmas & Boxing Day

After we opened presents at our house, Daddy and Sam took a nap, Thomas and Penny watched movies from Aunt Sanya, and I got to work in the kitchen. I made a veggie salad, frog eye salad, and seven (!) dozen choc chip and skor bit cookies. Yummalicious. Then we headed over to Peter and Celeste's for food and presents.

Grandad and Peter working the grill while Joe and Ben play.

More presents!

Sam loved this truck. He didn't want to open any other presents because he was too busy playing with this.

Penny's sweet pose again. Nan got her a nightgown with a cute teddy bear.


After Peter and Celeste's, we went to the Ross's for dessert. (The same place I helped decorate for Christmas.) As you can see, we were all pretty exhausted by the end of the night.

Jayme's youngest, Nazareth. He reminds me of Sanya's youngest, Carter.


The day after Christmas is Boxing Day. We went to a creek and had a picnic. I'm not a creek kind of girl. I don't like brown water. But the kids loved it. Here's Ben taking Penny and Sam on a little cruise.

Here's the whole famn damily. (I don't know how the neighbor's baby got in there...)

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Christmas Morning

Well thank heaven for my Mom, sister Sanya (sorry, didn't get pictures from her package. Well... okay, so I do have pictures, but I look like crap, so I'll just leave those off.), Aunt Cindy, and Mayra, because without them our tree would have been pretty empty. I guess Santa is going through an economic slump too.

The traditional line up.

Presents from Mayra. I'm gonna miss her! And I know my kids really will.

Package from my Mom. Sam got a book he tried to eat (no joke), Thomas got a cool dolphin book, and Penny got a gorgeous dress. I got cute shirts that I've already worn like a million times (no joke-- ha ha), and Jason got a one pound bag of peanut butter m&m's. Somehow I gained one pound that morning.
(Australian's must not like chocolate and peanut butter-- which is like my favorite combination ever. They have chocolate and peanuts, but not peanut butter. Weirdos.)

Look at all their faces. So cute!

As soon as Penny saw her dress she absolutely had to put it straight on right there.

My Aunt Cindy is the best gift giver. She got me jewelry!

Aunt Cindy got Jason some gloves that he loved.

Santa came! Sam got animal markers, Thomas got an accordion, and Penny got a My Little Pony house.

Penny doing a 'sweet' pose.


Yes, Christmas is here and past, but here's some pictures anyway.

I don't really know how this started, but we always let each kid put the angel on top of the tree. So here they are all taking their turns.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Feliz Navidad

Mayra is the lady who does daycare for my kids. Her husband is Sergio, and his brother is Juan. They live just up the road and were so nice to invite us to their Chirstmas Eve celebration. Juan made a delicious punch (that I still have to get the recipe for) that we enjoyed while we sat and talked. It was just nice and relaxing. Other neighbors were there, as well as some of Mayra's family. We had a really nice time. We left around 10, but they stayed up til midnight to open their presents.

Man, this food was good. I swear I could have eaten all those potatoes. It was potatoes with some yummy sauce and raisins! Sounds weird, but it was so good. Juan cooked the meat to perfection. Simple salad and yummy rice. Just so good.

How cute is this cake? It even had a real carrot for the nose.

Santa Joe

On Christmas eve, Santa drove through town in the back of a fire truck. He threw candy out to all the kids. After collecting the candy, Sam said, "Thanks Joe!".

(Jason's brother Joe filled in for Santa since he was busy getting ready for Christmas, but the kids didn't know that. Even I didn't know until he was close. You can't put anything past Sam.)

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Cookies for Santa

Click on it to see what Thomas wrote. So cute.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Carols at Movie World

Jason's Nan (aka 2 Nans) has worked at the same place for fifteen years. That place is Movie World-- which is the Australian equivalent to Six Flags. And since she's worked there so long she gets nice perks-- one of which is getting a bunch of her grandkids in to Carol night for free. Not only for free, but the kids also got a free popcorn and ice cream. Luckyyy.

Movie World is a Warner Brothers theme park. They did this Carols night on the 15th of December (and as usual I took forever to post it). Of course you know it's summer here-- and for some strange reason Australians don't really believe in air conditioning. So I felt so sorry for all the people in costumes dancing around. But the kids had fun, and that's all that counts, right?

I wish I would have had my digital recorder when Elmo came on stage-- Penny and Sam were over the moon. It was SO cute. And they got to hold out their hands and touch most of the characters. They had a really good time singing Christmas songs with their favorite characters.

We bought the kids flashy necklaces. The boys got spikey balls and Penny got a butterfly. Of course Sam had to ham it up for the camera. Oh wait, that's not for the camera-- he's always like that.

Some of the lucky ones who got to benefit from their hard working Nan. Look at photogenic Thomas! He's so cute. Then besides the little ones (I can't name them all because, well, let's face it: sometimes I can't remember my own kids' names) there's Jason's cousin Bronwyn (love that girl) on the left, cousin in-law Kim and her friend, and then another cousin in-law. And then of course there's Jason.

Penny saw me take a picture of Sam, so she couldn't be left out.

It's funny how rumors get started. This is Jason's cousin Nicole, who is obviously pregnant. After I took this picture I told her that I felt like getting pregnant just so my tits would be as big as hers. (Um, sorry to all those who didn't know how crude I am.) So the next day I heard I was trying to get pregnant. Not happening.

Jason's cousin Paula and her amazingly noise tolerant baby, Oliver.

Oh the excitement of it all.

This is one thing that I like about Australia. Do you think all the kids would be able to stand in front of the stage at Six Flags? I think not.

Oh ya, and Santa came to visit!

The kids with 2 Nans and Nanny D after the crowd cleared.

I don't know why I feel the need to point out to all of you how much of a bitch I am, but here I go again. This guy stepped right in front of me, and not just once. And it's not like there was a big crowd right there, it was us and him. So I told him to get out of my way in a very unlady like manner. So there.

Since Nan knows all the characters, she was able to steal Tweety away for Thomas to say hi.

Everyone got a turn with Sylvester.

The kids with Speed Racer (this was actually in the movie).

Penny always has to push the limit, as shown in this picture.